Scannerizer is a configurable, drop-in SEO website audit tool designed as a tool for SEO agencies to offer to users on their website. In addition to providing a useful tool for their website users, its designed as a powerful lead generation tool that allows agencies to capture information about users who use the tool in order to remarket to them directly.

Anybody who uses the tool to evaluate the optimization of their website is a highly qualified lead for direct marketing efforts, and Scannerizer is designed to facilitate capturing these highly qualified leads.

Additionally, Scannerizer is highly customizable, so SEO agencies can tweak the metrics of the website analysis to provide results that are tightly coupled with their unique approach to SEO.

The Report

When the widget is rendered, users are presented with a search bar, where they can type in the web address of a website. On submission, that website is then scanned, and a report is generated, depending on how you have configured your scanner. Reports are always given an overall "Site Score" out of 100% (the factors that determine that score are controlled in your scanner configuration).

Setting Your Website

In order to prevent your widget from being stolen by other websites and using up your scan limit, you need to set the authorized website in your Account page. Your scanner will only work on a domain that matches your authorised website.

General Steps

The setup of Scannerizer is divided into 3 easy steps:

  1. Configure the scanner
  2. Test it using the internal widget
  3. Embed the scanning widget into your website, by copying and pasting the embed code