Installing Onto Your Website

Installing the Scannerizer widget is a matter of pasting the embed code into your website markup. The widget will then be rendered automatically using Javascript.

Installing onto a Static HTML Page

You need to be comfortable editing & uploading HTML files in order to install the embed code. If this is something that you're not able to do, you may need to contact your web developer.

Simply copy & paste the embed code into the HTML file where you want it to appear, and upload the updated file to your server.

Installing onto Wordpress

For Wordpress, edit the page that you would like to install the Scanner on. In the Wordpress text editor, switch from "Visual" view to "Text" view using the tabs at the top right. Paste the Scannerizer embed code, and save your changes by clicking the Update button.

Copy the embed code and paste into your website's HTML markup

Styling Options

You may notice there are 2 different embed codes available. The first option will render the widget using our default styling. If you prefer to style the embed code yourself, you can use the second embed code option. This will omit Scannerizer's default stylesheet and present the report in plain html, which will enable you to add your own CSS styling.