Getting Started

Scannerizer is a configurable, drop-in SEO website audit tool designed as a tool for SEO agencies to offer to users on their website. In addition to providing a useful tool for their website users, its designed as a powerful lead generation tool that allows agencies to capture information about users who use the tool in order to remarket to them directly.

Configure the Scanner

The Build My Scanner is what allows you to control every aspect of the scanner.

A specific metric must be turned ON in order to be included in the website scan/analysis.

The "Title Tag" metric

Some metrics may require a Premium or Professional subscription to unlock.


When you're happy with your configuration, all you have to do next is grab the embed code, and paste it into the HTML of your webpage. The widget will then render on the live site. Any further changes you make in the configuration controls will automatically be reflected on your live widget.

Copy the embed code and paste into your website's HTML markup

Optionally, you may test the scanner widget to see how it looks and performs before you make it live by going to the Test Scanner page.

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