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About Scannerizer

Please get in touch! Scannerizer is a venture of Chad Tiffin, and launched at the beginning of 2017. I saw a need for small and medium sized SEO and digital marketing agencies to have access to a customer facing website audit tool that's completely customizable without having to commission a developer to build one entirely from scratch.

As an SEO agency, when customers looking for SEO services land on your website, its key to be able to convert them into paying customers. Scannerizer creates a huge opportunity for converting those highly qualified leads by allowing them self-evaluate their own website (based on criteria YOU define), and come to the understanding that they need expert SEO services, but also by allowing you to capture their information for targeted follow-up marketing -- all without having to beg them to add their email address to your mailing list.

I believe this can provide a huge advantage for SEO agencies who are able to capitalize on this, and Scannerizer is currently the only off-the-shelf solution that puts this within reach of small to medium sized SEO companies.

I'm excited to be able to provide this service, and am certain that Scannerizer will only get better with time!

Chad Tiffin